SQL Anywhere Developer Edition 12.1

SQL Anywhere Developer Edition 12.1

Used for multi-functional online app development
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This is an advanced set of development and testing tools for SQL-based applications. It is easily embedded and compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of MS Windows, as well as most common programming languages, and provides various functions and algorithms.

Feature-Rich Development of Online Apps
* PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Java, ASP.NET, Perl, Flex and Silverlight.
* Triggers and stored procedures written in SQL, PHP, Java, .NET and Perl.
* Support for XML, Web Services and full-text search.
Pain-Free Administration & Performance
* Out-of-the-box performance with self-tuning query optimizer and dynamic cache sizing.
* Automatically back up databases and recover from system failures.
* Monitor and optimize performance with graphical tools like Index Consultant and Application Profiling Wizard.
Build Offline Web Applications
* File and database synchronization between Web server and laptop/desktop.
* Built-in local Web server with PHP support.
* Encryption to hide code and data from unauthorized access.
* Wizard to create synchronization logic.
* Database synchronization for Gears, an open source browser plug-in

* With self-tuning query optimizer and dynamic cache sizing features, data-driven applications built with SQL Anywhere require little to no DBA support to provide a powerful application. SQL Anywhere applications handle 20,000 transactions per minute, thousands of users and hundreds of gigabytes of data.
* Data-driven applications are able to integrate securely and reliably with databases using enterprise-class synchronization features provided in SQL Anywhere. It is the only synchronization technology that provides data synchronization between the leading mobile devices and Sybase, Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL and IBM databases in the enterprise.
* Developers will appreciate the advanced features, platform flexibility, and compliance with SQL and ANSI standards when building a data-driven application with SQL Anywhere. Features like OLAP, materialized views, snapshot isolation, full-text search, regular expressions, support for C#, VB.NET, C/C++, ASP, Java, PHP and Perl and other development languages, native access through ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBC 3.5/level 2, JDBC 3.0 and Open Client and support for over 17 operating systems, SQL Anywhere is the ideal database technology for growing enterprises and application vendors. Client interfaces supported by SQL Anywhere.
* SQL Anywhere was built from inception to be embedded into a server, remote workgroup or mobile application. Its many self-maintenance features like automated administration, back-up and tuning, hidden runtime mode, and an installation process that can be integrated with your application, makes it very easy to broadly deploy with any software application.

LIMITATIONS : Limited to development and test only

Sybase SQL Anywhere provides out-of-box performance, advanced synchronization. It is a feature-rich, easily embedded application which offers support for many programming languages.


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